I am honored to welcome all couples, heterosexual, gay and lesbian.  Gay and lesbian couples seeking a formalization of their commitment to one another can have a ceremony in a wonderful and supportive way that can be customized to their personal style and values.
You may have just returned from eloping or you’re about to celebrate your 25th anniversary or you might just be thinking of renewing your vows. Whether you want to remember the words you spoke last week as you professed your love, or you want to recall words spoken many years ago, a recommitment or renewal of vows ceremony can be an opportunity to share those memories and recommit your love in the presence of family and friends.

The birth of a child brings great joy to families.  How wonderful to be able to share that joy with the community in the form of a blessing or naming ceremony.  A Baby Welcoming and Blessing is a wonderful experience for those who do not feel connected to traditional ceremonies.  For interfaith families or those wishing a more secular welcoming celebration, we will create a ceremony that reflects your values.  This ceremony symbolizes acceptance into the community for this new being and reflects the dreams you have for your newborn as he/she enters life.

The passing of a loved one is one of the most painful and difficult experiences of life.  My role is to deliver a funeral/memorial service that honors the life and relationships of your loved one.  I will give space to your grieving process and assist the family in preparing for this most difficult time.